Extra Strength Stretchmark Oil
Extra Strength Stretchmark Oil

Extra Strength Stretchmark Oil

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Our all natural extra strength mark oil is preservative-free and contains an exclusive blend of key ingredients formulated to help improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars, dry, damaged skin, uneven skin tone, aging skin and fine lines. It is most commonly used for the buttocks, thighs, hips and abdomen area.

Great for helping to heal acne scars and as an anti-aging treatment. Helps smooth uneven skin tones. Works naturally with the texture and rhythm of your skin to help improve your uneven skin tones. 

Vitamin E helps maintain healthy looking skin while natural chamomile and lavender oil calm, soothe and cleanse damaged skin with anti-inflammatory protection. Lavender and rosemary oils also act as a mild antiseptic assisting in the effective healing of the injured skin.



Formulated for all skin types Our Extra Strength Stretchmark Oil should be massaged in a circular motion on the body or face until fully absorbed. Our Extra Strength Stretchmark Oil should not be applied to an open wound or broken skin. Our Extra Strength Stretchmark Oil results will vary from individual to individual.



It is recommended that twice daily for a minimum of 3 months



Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Calendula Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Lavender Oil, Olive Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil, Licorice, Lavender Seed


Safety Information

Our Extra Strength Stretchmark Oil is formulated to help improve and reduce your stretchmarks appearance. It is made with 100% all natural products. 









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